Creating Our Continuum of Care

At Pasadena Neuropsychiatry, we recognize that psychiatry is necessary for good health, just like any other medical specialty. We base our individualized care on careful evaluations, and our noninvasive interventional therapies, including BrainsWay dTMS™, provide relief when other options fail. Shame should not be associated with treating the brain, which is why we work to reduce the stigma around asking for help while empowering our patients so they can understand every part of their health.

We are committed to providing integrated healthcare and advancing psychiatry as a medical practice. By coordinating with your physicians and specialists, we can create a “continuum of care” that benefits every part of your health. We act as a learning facility for family medicine residents, allowing them to gain experience and knowledge to provide effective treatments. To help us share our knowledge and serve as a resource for you, we have partnered with myheartcreative for our website.

To learn more about how Pasadena Neuropsychiatry can help or to learn more about dTMS, please contact us.