Is TMS Pasadena a Permanent Fix For Depression?

TMS Pasadena is an effective treatment for depression that the FDA has approved. It is particularly helpful when medication and therapy are shown to be ineffective in managing patient symptoms. While statistics and testimonials show that the TMS has a high success rate in alleviating depression, the question is whether it is a permanent solution for those suffering from this illness.

Depression TMS Pasadena

Depression is a very complex illness. Some patients will improve with medications such as SSRIs and therapy sessions, but others fall under the category of treatment-resistant depression. For these patients, medication and therapy do not provide the relief that they need. In these cases, it is beneficial to pursue TMS solutions in Pasadena.

At Pasadena Neuropsychiatry, we use BrainsWay dTMS™, which the FDA has cleared for treating treatment-resistant depression, OCD, anxious depression, and smoking cessation. According to multiple studies, this treatment modality has been proven more beneficial for alleviating depression symptoms than using medication alone.

Depression TMS and Medication

A common question about TMS is whether or not patients need to go off of their medications. It is crucial to begin by saying that people are not typically taken off of their medications when starting TMS treatments, particularly if they are already tolerating the antidepressants well. Simply quitting some medicines can lead to problematic withdrawal symptoms that should be avoided whenever possible.

Usually, TMS is administered while the patient is still on their medication. The combination of medication and TMS can actually be beneficial when starting dTMS. The STAR*D study, for example, shows that people who were treated with dTMS and medication had a 60 percent rate of remission compared to the 11 percent of participants who took medications without any other treatments. Patients can be carefully weaned off their medications under their physician’s supervision once they are showing improvement.

Is It Permanent?

Each patient is unique, and so are their responses to various depression treatments. A qualified medical professional will help you determine if TMS is the best course of treatment. At Pasadena Neuropsychiatry, we evaluate everyone on a case-by-case basis. However, dTMS is a highly effective treatment option, especially when other options have not worked in the past.

Whether or not TMS is a permanent fix for depression is not clear-cut due to bio-individuality and other health factors. The STAR*D study, however, does show that those who find complete relief from their depression symptoms are likely to keep it. However, TMS Pasadena or other treatments may resume if a patient does relapse.

As science continues to explore the nature of depression and new protocols for TMS, we may discover even more permanent ways to improve people’s lives.

TMS Solutions in Pasadena

If you or someone you care about is experiencing depression, please reach out for help. Depression is a disease like any other and should be treated as such. If traditional treatment methods are not bringing relief to your depression symptoms, we would be happy to discuss TMS and other interventional treatment modalities with you.