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Not Carol

Dr. Sepah treated Carol Coronado and was an important contributor to this documentary about psychotic postpartum breakdowns.

Physician to Physician

With over 400,000 members Physician to Physician: Healing the Practice of Medicine offers valuable support for physicians.

Conversations with Shem
Episode Four Panel Discussion

Patients at Risk
The Dangers of Replacing Psychiatrists with Psychologists – Part 1

Patients at Risk
The Dangers of Replacing Psychiatrists with Psychologists – Part 2

Primary Care Cures 
Healing the Practice of Medicine with Dr. Torie Sepah, Co-Founder of Physician to Physician

The MOC Shakedown with Dr. Torie Sepah

The Physician’s Guide To Doctoring
Support For Physician Burnout Syndrome With Torie Sepah, MD

Southern California Psychiatric Society
Reflections of an Iranian-American (part 1)

Journal Of Medicine
Virtual Scribes Are Game-Changers For Physicians

She Killed Her Children. Can We Forgive Her?

Red Jello Night
Southern California Psychiatric Society, July Newsletter 2021

Kevin MD
How “self-care” is elusive until there is no choice

Kevin MD
What it’s like to practice medicine behind bars

Kevin MD
How MOC is contributing to the demise of physicians​

Kevin MD
When physicians are so emotionally drained, they have nothing left for their families

Kevin MD
Virtual scribes are game-changers for physicians

Kevin MD
Language matters: the not-so-innocuous provider effect

Kevin MD
Female physicians and the fiberglass ceiling

Kevin MD
It’s time to create the safety net by normalizing psychiatric care

Kevin MD
How psychiatrists became lesser physicians

Medpage Today
How MOC Grinds Us Down

Medpage Today
Don’t Call Physician Burnout a ‘Human Rights Violation’ or ‘Moral Injury’ 

Kevin MD
It takes more than marching to make black lives matter in health care

Kevin MD
$34,000 to save mothers and their children from postpartum depression

Quoted Materials 

Fierce Healthcare
3 ways doctors say can help break the ‘fiberglass ceiling’ and close the startling gender pay gap

A Psychiatrist Told Us Why Her Patient Killed Her Children

Common Antidepressant Reduces Meth Use and High-Risk Sexual Behavior for Gay and Bisexual Men and Transgender Women, Study Finds

Dr. Wes Blogspot
How MOC Is Contributing To The Demise Of Physicians

Clinical Research

More burnout in psychiatry vs. pediatrics.​
Review by  Alexander Otto, Dec. 1, 2011

Resuscitation Data and Outcomes In Survivors of Post-Traumatic Cardiac Arrest.
T. Sepah-Mansour, E. Ho, T. Mills, 2004; 26.(3.): 369-370 (abstract)

Co-Occurrence of Major Depressive Disorder and Substance Use Disorder:  prevalence, prognostic features, and ways to approach the challenges in diagnosis and treatment to improve outcomes.
T. Sepah, MD, Journal of Addiction Research and Therapy, 2018. Volume 9
DOI: 10.41722156-6105-C2-039


Burnout Among Psychiatrists and Pediatricians at LAC
Torang S. Sepah, MD, Christianne J. Lane, PhD and Anna Xiao, MD

  • Grand Rounds Presentation: USC Department of Psychiatry, December 2012 CME: 1.0
  • Oral Presentation: 2012 APA Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA CME 1.0
  • Poster Presentation: APA Institute on Psychiatric CME 1.0