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Before becoming a patient of Dr. Sepah's, I struggled with the idea of reaching out to a psychiatrist for help with my potential mental health challenges. One day, I caught her appearance on Dr. Phil, where she served as a guest expert on postpartum psychosis. Her expertise, eloquence, and advocacy for mandatory integrated preventive measures for women after childbirth struck a chord with me. Despite not being a woman myself, I recognized the importance of her suggestions after witnessing the experiences of several friends and relatives. It just made sense.Encouraged by her insights, I booked an appointment with her office. Through her diagnosis and treatment, I found relief from my anxiety, ADHD, and OCD. Today, I feel like a completely different person, able to navigate the world with newfound clarity and stability. Dr. Sepah and her team deserve all the praise for their exceptional care and support.
Dr. Torie Sepah's expertise and support during my postpartum journey were invaluable. Her deep understanding of postpartum depression (PPD), postpartum anxiety (PPA), and postpartum psychosis (PPP) provided me with a sense of reassurance and guidance during a challenging time. Dr. Sepah's attentive approach ensured that I felt heard and understood, and her follow-up care demonstrated her commitment to my wellbeing beyond our sessions. I highly recommend Dr. Sepah to anyone navigating the complexities of the postpartum period.
Over the past five years I have gotten to know Dr. Sepah. She is a wonderful human being who is devoted to her patients and to the craft of medicine. She volunteers significant time, and energy just to help people (unrelated to her business).
Phenomenal and fully professional service with unprecedented expertise in their field. These are the few and far between when it comes to outstanding clinical medical expertise and go above and beyond their patients needs and complications.
Very caring person alway has my well being in mind. I’ve been with her for over 5 years and hope to be her for the next 10 god willing
Pasadena Neuropsychiatry treat you like you are a family member. They are amazingly efficient and thorough and empathic.
Dr. Sepah and her team go above and beyond to provide the best care possible. Their office is super cute and inviting. Dr. Sepah is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough. She takes her time with patients, unlike so many of the other physicians I’ve encountered. I can’t express enough how grateful I am to have found this place and this doctor, it’s been a truly life changing experience.
Dr.Torie Sepah is nice and very professional.She always helpful and compassionate.She treats me and my wife with care and respect.I think she is the most caring doctor.The staff is very helpful and kind.
I absolutely love the office and the staff. Stephanie, Hanna, and Tori have been so important in my TMS journey. Dr. Sepah is amazing and makes the TMS mechanisms easily digestible. Overall I have been recommending this place to family and friends and recommend it to anyone reading this.
Dr. Sepah is a kind and caring hippocratic oath abiding physician who prioritizes the needs of her patients. As a colleague, I respect her knowledge and judgment and would recommend her expertise for my own family if the need arises.
I love this entire office! Dr. Sepah is incredibly caring and knowledgeable and her staff are all so kind!! Truly only the best work here. Highly recommend
Dr. Sepah is remarkable. She is a thorough, caring psychiatrist who wants to understand my needs and undertakes many avenues to thoroughly diagnose and treat my depression rather than just write a quick prescription. Her commitment to providing excellent psychiatric medical care is also reflected in the TMS treatment options she offers at her office and the superior medical assistants she handpicks to provide support. She also works with many insurance plans - I am so grateful to have found her.
Honestly, I did not know enjoying a trip to the doctors office was even an option until now. Two thumbs way up for the exceptionally awesome staff. Seriously if I was just walking by the building, I would feel compelled to pop in and say hello. Not so sure they’d love that, but really it’d be their own fault for being so damn nice.
I have been drafting this review for a while, because I want to make sure I adequately express how grateful I am to Dr. Sepah and her team.I came to the practice in a bad place, mostly because my previous psychiatrist had dosed me incorrectly on my meds. Dr. Sepah recognized it instantly and from that point on I have given her all my trust. She knows that I have the possibility of dementia due to genetics and has been amazing at ensuring I am doing all the right stuff for neuro-protectiveness. She is the first and only doctor I have that believes me when I say "I think there is something systemic going on with me, and my PCP doesn't think so."She takes her time with each patient and looks at them as a whole patient and works to fix the problem. Some doctors only look at the mental health and dose out medication. She cares deeply about how the whole body is doing and how that might be affecting the brain. She is an amazing diagnostician and finds things my other doctors have missed, essentially increasing the quality of my life.I am totally indebted to her and highly recommend her as a neuropsychiatrist.
TMS helped reactivate my mind, rejuvenated my brain to have a positive outlook on life, helped my recall, and reduced my depression. Neuropsychiatric therapy sessions allowed opportunities for me to share about my depression, the origins of why I was depressed, strategies to deal, face, and manage my depression, and reduced my prescriptions for my depression.
Staff is incredibly helpful and patient. Dr Sepah is so thorough, and so attentive to her patients. I’ve been to a number of psychiatrists and Dr Sepah is the only one who made me feel like I was cared for, and helped. This is an amazing place.
Dr. Torang Sepah is an extremely knowledgeable, professional and compassionate physician. I came to her practice after my current psychiatrist retired. Her attention to detail and her insight into treatments and medicines is very impressive. She uses existing studies/data to support her work and her recommendations for treatment. Her staff is extremely organized and professional and promptly returned any of my calls/emails. The office is also set up very nicely and is a comfortable place to be. I would recommend her for any psychiatric needs you may have.
Where. Do. I. Start.Maybe here: I wouldn't be alive with the amazing quality of life I have right now without Dr.Sepah and her staff. Period.I started with Dr. Sepah, Jackie, and Thezia way back in 2018. The care for their patients kept me coming back and after a thought-out pharmaceutical run, we tried TMS and it worked. It's scary, I know (TMS is basically a mini MRI on your head); however, the daily presence of Thezia and her care into every minute of every session made it effortless - Dr. Sepha knows how to pick her staff and Thezia help me through the worst time in my life. And with TMS maintenance this year triggered by some life changing events, Sabrina (their new staff member), Kristen (who's SUCH a heart warming presence), and Nikita (who's heart only rivals Thezia and Dr. Sepah themselves) make it just so easy and I look forward to every session.I want this review to not only be a shout out to the staff, their bedside manner, and the heart of the practice (and a sincere thank you to them all and Dr. Sepah, their leader!!), but also mental health awareness! There are options out there. Talk therapy is GREAT. And - there are more options in case one needs more. You don't have to suffer. !! And if therapy alone isn't working not, then TMS, prescriptions, specialists, are available. I've been there where it's hard and even looked down upon to seek mental health (and - to experiment with treatments your forefathers or their forefathers would never have done). But still - it's your life. No one elses, and Dr. Sepah and her team want to better your life!Thanks for everything team! Yall are the best!!!
DEEP TMS and Brain Ways ARE THE FUTURE. Specifically the technology that Deep TMS helps activate in the brain and what Dr. Sepah is promoting will change the world.As someone clinical diagnosed with life-long chronic depression, Deep TMS has helped transform that.Bless Dr. Sepah and her amazing team for the extraordinary work they are doing. It's some of the world's most important work.
A caring environment is what you want when seeking help for mental health care and this place is exactly that. The entire staff is professional, friendly, caring, and compassionate. They are extremely competent and knowledgeable!DTMS works. Maybe not for every single patient, but certainly for a high percentage of them. My chronic, severe, treatment resistant depression has been in remission since April 2021 - I've never smiled so much, so frequently in my life.
I came to Dr. Sepah about 2 years ago feeling severely anxious and depressed. At our very first appointment I felt heard, understood and supported. The treatment she recommended was spot on and I was feeling better after 1 month and back to "myself" after 2 months. She gave me my life back!I started to feel myself getting depressed again during the pandemic and Dr. Sepah suggested another treatment called TMS. Since I put my my mental healthcare and trust in her, I began the treatment. After just 4 treatments, I felt the clouds lift. As the treatment continues, I feel better each day. Thank you Dr. Sepah for your expertise and care!
Great office, very attentive and caring staff. The psychiatrist at this facility are very welcoming and make you feel like they understand what you are going through. As a new mom suffering with PPD, my experience here helped me immensely !! Highly recommend.
I love this office ! Staff is great always attentive and very polite . Enjoy coming , definitely recommend if you are looking for a great doctor and staff !!! .
Dr. Sepah and her medical staff have been wonderful. I finally found a psychiatrist who makes me feel listened to. I truly feel Dr. Sepah cares about me and my well-being.
Doctor Sepah and her entire staff have since early this year provided the highest level of care for a close family member. This includes psychiatric, medical and TMS therapy.